About Us

Bossy Press-On Nails is the creation of two best friends with a passion for entrepreneurship, social justice, and empowering others through inspiration and motivation.

Bossy Press-Ons serves as an outlet for our shared creativity and joy during these tragic and trying times. Its difficult to start a minority owned business in general, and even more so during racial injustice uprisings and a global pandemic. We launched our business in December 2019 and shortly after the world turned upside down. There have been days where it has been difficult for either of us to find joy but this business has been a space where we can find peace.

We strive to provide a product that not only enhances the life of our customers but that has allowed us to take our minds off all the catastrophes that we’ve experienced being Black and a Woman in America. Our hope is that BOSSY Press Ons shows others that even when life seems unbearable, there is an opportunity to create and find pleasure in providing a service to others.